Knowle Hospital Cemetery Acquisition Summary

Summary of Acquisitions


The cemetery was created in four stages:

1 rood 23.5 perches  (1920 square yards) 0.396 acre
2 roods  (2420 square yards)  0.5 acre
1 rood 20 perches (1815 square yards)  0.375 acre
3 roods  (3630 square yards)  0.75 acre
 Total  2.021 acres

In an area of just over 2 acres, in the space of 111 years, 5,578 people were buried.

          Composite Map of Acquisitions

The area shaded in red on this photograph shows the approximate area enclosed by the fence that protects the cemetery today. The blue line on the photograph is the access road which runs south from Wickham. The road is called Mayles Lane.

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