Knowle Cemetery Handover Ceremony 23rd September 2005


The old hospital cemetery at Knowle has been handed over the Wickham Parish Council following restoration and landscaping enhancements.

The handover is the result of several years work by a dedicated team including Jenny Mallett, Sue and Ted Fitzgerald and Therese Evans.

The handover ceremony was carried out by the Venerable Peter Hancock, the Arch Deacon of the Meon and attended by many relatives of those buried in the cemetery. 

A path leads visitors around the cemetery which has become woodland over time

An interpretation board has been placed at the entrance of the cemetery

A memorial stone has been dedicated to those buried in the cemetery


Left to right, members of the team that brought the cemetery project to fruition: Darren Harman from Berkeley Homes, The Ven. Peter Hancock, Sue and Ted Fitzgerald

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November 2005