Taste of Wickham Festival 10th September 2017 - Volunteers
Time   6-8am 8-10am 10am-12noon 12noon - 2pm 2-4pm 4-6pm 6-8pm
Set up & take down road closures, signs  1 Ben           Mike H
and cones. Ben will supervise 2 Kat            
Tape around cars in Square, rejig site layout 3 Louise            
Ben will supervise 4              
Man road closures - Heming 1 Ian DM Iain L Alan E Carolyne T Alan E Jem  
  2   Kate C til 9.30 Robert G /Simon Tim T Robert G    
Man road closures - Greens 1 Kate DM Nigel / Sam/Simon Rotary Rotary Nick G Sam
  2   Nicola C / Sam Rotary Rotary Whiteley Rotary?    
Disabled parking steward 3     Rotary Rotary Whiteley Rotary?    
Runner 4     Simon Simon Simon    
Info point/ sell raffle tickets 1     Parish Council Parish Council Parish Council    
  2     Parish Council Parish Council Parish Council    
  3     Victoria M Ann SF? Jane G      
  4     J & Dennis E Elizabeth & Edward?      
Runner 1 5     Jo T Fareham Rotary      
Set up & take down  Knowle marquee                
6 to set up and take down 6am 1 Mike H         Jon T  
  2 Sam         Steve M  
  3 Chris KV            
  4 Ben            
  5 Kat            
  6 Louise            
Decorate /clear marquee/ put table cloths on 1 Lisa A            
tables 7pm start 2              
Van driver   Simon W         Simon W
Help collect/set out / clear chairs / tables 1 Kate C         Ben S  
7am 2 Rob H         Kat L  
  3 Sam         Louise O  
  4 Nigel         Sam  
  5 Jem         Ian  
  6 Caroline F setting up            
Balloons on lamp posts put up and take down 1 Chris H         Chris H  
(ladder job) 2 Rob W from 7am            
Take down festival & parking signs 1             Ben / Kat
Park and Ride - parking and traffic management              
Car park              
McCarthy's start at 9.30am 1     Mike L Mike L Mike L    
  2     Rob H Sam Pat T W Rotary    
  3     Carolyne T Ann W Whiteley Rotary    
  4     Tim T Simon W Whiteley Rotary    
Park Place  start at 9.30am 1     Alison W Alison W Alison W    
2 Gerry B David J 1-3pm Nicola C / Sam
3 Kate C Malcolm B 1-3 Rob H
  4     Nick G Matt / Rob H 12-1