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Welborne Station Feasibility Study published February 18


Parish Plan adopted 25th March 2013

subject to the following: Contrary to the requirements shown in the plan it will only be reviewed when deemed necessary.


The Parish Council has reviewed its 2010/11 Strategy in response to recent information and consultation results and adopted a revised Strategy for 2012/13. View the Strategy here




Results of Planning Responsibly consultation
Report from public meeting held 14th December 2010

Download 'Planning responsibly for the next 10 Years'
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On 22nd July a public meeting Participate in Wickham's Future was held to update residents on work carried out to date and to present the first consultation draft of the Parish Plan and Village Design Statement. The event was advertised in the summer Parish Magazine which is delivered to all households, personal invitations were also sent by mail and email to all those who gave contact details asking for updates on the survey questionnaires.

About 80 people attended the event  where a proposal for an extension to the north of the village was displayed together with plans for two sites for affordable houses, 36 in total, either side of Mill Lane. The proposed new doctors' surgery was also displayed and representatives from all these interests were available to answer questions


Download the consultation questionnaire

Download the draft Village Design Statement


Gathering Evidence

The Market Town Health Check process has been used to gather evidence for the revised Plan and to shape the Parish Council's adopted strategies

Survey work in 2009

During the summer of 2009 a questionnaire was delivered to every household in the Parish asking for opinions on various local issues.  The results are below.

Developing an initial strategy

Using data and evidence gathered to date the Parish Council has adopted a Strategy for 2009/10 which will be extended and added to in due course.

2010 Fine tuning and extending the consultation processes

The response to the summer questionnaires showed a limited response from those aged 25-45, to address this a further survey was distributed to all families at Wickham Primary School. Only two responses were received which is considered unsatisfactory. A grant was applied for to carry out some professional on street surveys to target this age group and further surveys carried out during the spring of 2010.

In February 2010 all local organisations were invited to put forward their views on the strengths and weaknesses of the community and to outline any areas where further help was needed. Link to copy of consultation. Responses were disappointing but organisations are being kept up to date with progress via email.

In March 2010 local traders were asked for their views on the local economy and any local issues that are hindering the development of their businesses. Response was again disappointing but perhaps indicate there are no great concerns. Traders are being kept up to date with progress via email.

During 2010 two further consultation projects will be taking place: Voice 4 Youth targeting all young people; a report and action plan will be produced for the Parish Plan as part of this work. A local youth forum is an anticipated outcome of the process. This work will begin with an activities event at Wickham Centre 18th March 6-10pm. This will be carried out in partnership with Wickham Community Association and Wickham Parish Council lead by Kat Lemon.

A second piece of work will target older people to determine the current levels of care available, deficiencies and proposed action plans for the future. This is being carried out by Wickham Community Association in partnership with other associations in the Bishops Waltham area.

Evidence base using Market Town Health Check (working draft)
Part 1 Social statistics
Appendix 1.1
Part 2 Environment
Appendix 2.1
Part 3 Transport
Part 4 Economy
Appendix 4.1
Part 5 The Future
Appendix 5.1
Appendix 5.2
WCC Workshop LDF Consultation 24th January 2008

Parish Plan questionnaires summer 2009
Knowle questionnaire
Wickham questionnaire

Results of Knowle questionnaire
Results of Wickham questionnaire

Extension of survey carried out during the spring of 2010 by Kat Lemon

Parish Council responses to WCC LDF Consultations
Presentation made to WCC on challenges to sustainability for Wickham
Issues and Options
Correspondence with WCC regarding housing issues
Preferred Option

Other evidence:
Indices of Deprivation 2007
Young People
WCA survey of young people Autumn 2008
Swanmore extended schools consultation
CAH/WPC Housing needs survey October 07
CLT Housing needs survey January 09

Winchester District Economic and Employment Study 2007